B.A. Kidagain

Handcrafted tutus, bows, purses and ornaments!

Original Glow in the Dark Ornaments made by Carla & Crew in Ohio but making the World GLOW one at a time!  

Yes, we really DO make them, here are a few pictures of the process of making a custom logo:

Start off with an image.

Cut it out very carefully.

Pour glue into ornament.

Add image.

Put image in place.

Add glitter and pour out excess.

Put on drying rack for a few days.

After it's dry seal and place back on drying rack.

When it's finally dry, hot glue top on it and it's DONE! 

Start to finish can take up to 10 days depending on the weather.



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Just wanted to share a few pictures of what we go through to bring an assortment of ornaments to a show. Here are a few that are in backstock.


Each bag holds 172 pieces or more.


Ready to load into the van.


Here we are at Carnation mall, over 2,500 pieces to choose from daily!

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